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Aymie’s Testimonial

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“Carine has a bright and optimistic attitude and has the ability to take any negative situation and see an opportunity for growth. I feel comfortable talking with Carine because I know she speaks from experience and she’s never judgmental. She’s very good at meeting you where you are and working forward from there. The most important lesson I’ve learned from Carine is to listen to my own intuition and to pay attention to what’s happening around me. I’ve learned that many times we miss important things because we’re too caught up in the moment and miss the bigger picture, or maybe even opportunities. Carine cares deeply about inspiring others to live their lives to the fullest and she personally applies her skills and knowledge to her own life. As a Life Coach, she is always prepared and highly responsive. Helping and encouraging others is clearly her passion and I consider her such a blessing in my life. If you need support to propel forward in your life or feel stuck in a never-ending loop; I highly recommend Carine!”