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Amanda’s Testimonial

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They say to progress, you have to remain sharp in business as well as have an edge. Mostly, you need to understand ‘you’ as well, particularly if you are standing still letting life pass you by. Carine helps discover what is holding you back or stopping you from moving forward to achieve the goals in life you want to achieve, what it is that is stopping you from ‘moving forward’. It is evident that Carine has many years’ experience as she very easily brings things out of you impacting your life negatively that you didn’t realize were, she does this just by talking, using well tried methodologies and strategies to help get you to understand who you are, where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there. Every week I learnt more and more, and the tools I was given helped clarify past life experiences that I have taken into my future, that do not need to be there anymore. The life I want is different to the life I have got used to. So Carine helped make more sense of my life which has led to an increase in my self-esteem and confidence, even after just 6 weeks. My communication skills have also improved leading to a much needed reduction in my stress levels I had been experiencing at work. For the added value bit, Carine is actually enthusiastic in what she does, she likes helping you and seeing a change in you which is quite unique. It is evident she wants you to be empowered in your life which is very uplifting.