Integration Coaching

More and more people are seeking Ayahuasca for the roadblocks in their lives. From anxiety, worry, depression, pain, lack of purpose, need of direction or just seeking a deeper spiritual connection, you have been looking for a way to deal with these issues.  Beautiful.  

The question is what happens after the ayahuasca ceremony itself? What happens when the medicine has worn off and you are forced to re-enter your reality as you know it? 

It is key to integrate your unique experience… you come back from an incredible ayahuasca ceremony and you ask yourself “Now what?”. 

Too many people are going from one ayahuasca retreat to another, thus turning it into an escapist method rather than a transformational one. 

It then becomes a new age spiritual bypass method!   Is this what you really want for your life or are you ready to really do the work?

 I have experienced several Ayahuasca journeys and what really made the difference is the work I did in between. It has been a game changer. 

My life has taken a 180 degree turn and now I am helping people just like you to get the same results I did. I am your guide on YOUR journey of transformation.  

The integration process is massively important: that’s where the change take place. Otherwise, you are talking about an experience, a ride, a movie that was cool, that was enlightening and experiential. Yet, if it does not lead to something, then it was just that.

A moment in time.  You could do nothing and go back to the life you have right now, or you could decide to  transform to the next version of yourself and get the results you want, by registering now for the And Now The Work Begins”, a Post Ayahuasca Integration Mastermind” 

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