In “Launch Your New Career: Steps To Signing Up Your First Client

Author and Master Results Coach Carine Kindinger shares her own recipe for success she used to transition from a day job to becoming a successful Results Coach.  The tools and strategies shared apply to any new career you want to start:

Carine teaches you:

  • The keys to creating the breakthrough needed to launch your career while paying the bills
  • How to access resources you didn’t even know to exist
  • The real truth about starting your own business
  • Tools and strategies for a successful launch

If you are serious about taking a leap of faith and going after your dreams, then Launch Your New Career is for you! It’s time to get started!


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Are You Ready To Be a Successful Coach?

You did it! You transitioned from your day job to launch your new coaching business! You are eager and ready to impact lives…yet business is quite slow and you never imagined it was going to be so hard to get clients. Self-doubt knocks at your door and the next thing you know, you see yourself as an imposter. You are comparing yourself to others and you go into that spiral of “who am I to even coach others?”

Sound familiar? If you are ready to become a successful coach and get clarity on what steps to take, then The End of Imposter Syndrome, written by Master Results Coach Carine Kindinger, is exactly what you need.

Carine will teach you:

  • How to get clarity around your own success
  • How to get rid of the imposter syndrome once and for all
  • The five must-have tools for success
  • The keys to getting clear about your ideal client
  • Three basic steps to market your business and get traction
  • The right business model to avoid burnout

If you’re ready to take control of your coaching business and get real results, get started NOW!

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