Carine Kindinger

Master Results Coach & Business Results Trainer

Author of “Launch Your New Career: steps to signing your first client”

Since 2004, Carine has been equipping people with the tools and strategies they need to make every aspect of their lives amazing. Yes, amazing. When Carine speaks she frequently uses the word amazing…and that’s just one of the reasons you will love working with her.

Her approach to coaching is intentional and purposeful, working with clients to help them achieve their goals in all areas of life, from personal to business.

Carine works personally with each client to fully understand their desires and goals. With this information, she establishes the most effective tools and strategies to breakthrough limiting beliefs, stay accountable and create healthy habits for success.

Life Purpose Coach

Life Purpose Coach

Sixteen years ago, Carine and her family moved from Belgium to the United States to start a new life, accomplishing a life-long dream. Starting over was a big adjustment but Carine reminded herself regularly that with a lot of faith, dedication and perseverance anything is possible.Shortly after the move, Carine left the corporate world to follow her passion as Life Purpose Coach, receiving her certification from the Life Purpose Institute.

Strategic Intervention Coach

Carine has an insatiable desire for personal improvement and empowerment so she can better serve people. In 2015, Carine became a Strategic Intervention Coach with the Robbins Madanes Training (RMT) and is currently furthering that education in the mastery program. Strategic Intervention Coaching is a very powerful process focused on getting immediate results by equipping the client with strategies that they implement into their life immediately.

Divorce Prevention Coach

Marital discord affects one's entire life. Utilizing tools and strategies from her coaching toolbox, Carine helps couples in turmoil rebuild and create a happy, loving marriage better than before. Carine, having been divorced, has now built a more loving, caring 2nd marriage then she ever thought possible. Through experience, Carine’s toolbox includes a unique set of divorce prevention tools that are applicable and executable in creating a healthy and long-term marriage


In Carine's Own Words

  • I am thrilled you are here to learn more about me and my passion of helping people just like you. I am proud to be expertly-trained in helping people improve their lives…but I want you to know that I, too, I have experienced hardships in life. I know all too well the challenges that come with the journey of life, the desire to be successful professionally and personally.
  • I have always had a drive for learning, personal growth and lifting others along the way. I was the kid hiding under the blanket with a flashlight reading late into the night and the friend with the shoulder to cry upon for support.

Seven years after moving to the United States, my life was changed dramatically through a divorce and a significant workplace accident. I ended up starting all over again personally and in business. I was unable to walk for three months, couldn’t support or provide for my children, and soon found myself in the community line with others waiting for food. I fell below rock bottom and yet, somehow, I realized everything I was experiencing was a test of my spirit and courage.

It was time to “walk the talk” and apply all the tools I have learned along the way.

I personally experienced what it feels like to lose your way. I have lived through dark moments and have hit more than one proverbial wall.  However, what seems impossible can be transformed with faith; like the story in my ultimate favorite movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”, which demonstrates how faith, in its purest form, can truly transform a life.

I am now happily remarried, with three step children added to my four, plus six grandchildren, and we are united as a big, loving family that I have always dreamed of.  It certainly keeps us busy, and it is quite lively and interesting when we get together for family meals.

I am sharing all of this so you know that I understand you, where you are coming from. Through my personal experiences, I can relate to you and the challenges you may be facing.

If you are looking for an ally who understands your circumstances, and who can help give you tools and strategies for your personal Life Toolbox, then schedule a FREE consultation with me.

Whether it’s to Live and Work at a LEVEL 10, or to create RESULTS in your business or even to strengthen your relationship, I would love to be your coach and help you make every aspect of your life amazing!  It is all about GETTING RESULTS!

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