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What level are you playing at in your relationship?

Sometimes when you are in the middle of relationship challenges, hearing things in a different way can help changes begin. That’s what you will hear in this video, a different way to look at what you are putting into your relationship.

Level 1  “Baby Love”
It’s all about you. You have high expectations of what YOU want, without thinking about the other person.  If your needs aren’t met always you are not happy. (Think of a baby who is crying and screaming, and everyone is around him trying to please him…)

Level 2  “Hooker love”
Love is a trade. You do something for the other person expecting to get something back.  If you do this then I will do this. You ask yourself “what is in it for me?”

Level 3  “I put you first”
You give without keeping score. You love that person without any strings attached. You always put each other first. The cool part is that the more you put the other one first, the more he/she will put you first too. It’s magic!

Level 4  “No matter what”
I love you and will always love you. It is comparable to the love you have for a child; like when you look at your teenager and all you can think of is “I love you but don’t really like you right now?”. It’s an unconditional love. You might not LIKE what is going on but deep inside you LOVE him/her no matter what is going on.

It is impossible to have a successful relationship when you are playing at a Level 1!
You can survive in a Level 2 relationship but more than likely it will not be a fulfilling relationship. 
It is really hard to be genuinely happy and to feel true love at Level 1 or 2…
You absolutely cannot play at a Level 1 and expect the results of playing at a Level 3 or 4?
Ideally going back and forth between Level 3 and level 4 is where you want to be playing at in your marriage.

When you find yourself acting a certain way – or reacting – ask yourself, what level am I playing now? I realize that just knowing the levels is not going to help you drastically move from where you are in your marriage right now to where you want it to be.

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