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How much information do you keep after attending a workshop?

A study from the Brussels University shows us that most of the new acquired behaviors don’t last.  After week 3, 90% of what was taught is gone and is not being applied.

Yet, it is possible to multiply the ROI by 10 when you follow a training. To get the most value, you need to apply a few rules.  

Let’s talk about the 7 mistakes we all do …

-“I keep an excellent memory of this training! “

Wrong: It is not about feeling the workshop was awesome.  The key to success is to know that you learned, you took action and implemented the changes.

-“I have a good memory; I don’t need to take notes…”

Wrong: your memory is volatile, and your subconscious mind hates changes. You learn new things that could bring change.  Now your subconscious will make sure to do whatever it takes to make you forget about it…   

In doing so, the subconscious mind will not have to face the fear of change….  You have to be rigorous on how you take notes while you are in a workshop…

– “All I want is to be myself, and stay true to myself”

Wrong:  You became who you are because of all the habits you have taken on.  All the stuff you have learned. All the experiences you have had.  Your essence is made of all the experiences and learning you have done until now.   An example of this is how you drive a car and it feels so “natural” to you.  Guess what, you had to learn how to do it first…and the first few times you drove the car it did not feel “natural” at all!  

To be yourself has nothing to do with something you are born with.  It has to do with something you have learned and practice over and over again.

– “ I don’t know just yet what I am going to do with this learning, but I am sure I will get something out of it”

Lack of vision: it is key to be crystal clear on what it is you want to achieve in taking this workshop.  If you are not clear before you get to the training, then you will not get the most of it.  It is super important to work on your “WHY”

– “To change you just have to have the will to change” 

Wrong.  To have the will to change is not enough.  You have limited beliefs that you are not even aware of.   You need strategies and tools available to work through the resistances and the fears. Willing to climb a mountain is not enough to get to the top… It is not because “you want” that “you can” .

-“I tried to apply what I learned but it did not work….”how-far-you-have-come

Comes from a lack of observing your own patterns and being aware of what you do on a daily basis and the words you speak.  You have to go to a place where you observe yourself and take responsibility of your doings.  If you don’t do that, you will stay stuck in the same ways of doings again and again.

-” I will do better next time”

Wrong.  The question is did you get the strategies needed to transform your life… ? Are you coachable today? Are you applying the tools today?

How guilty are you of saying at least one of these, if not most of them? If the answer is yes, you will be in the crowd that only keep 10 % of the teachings after three weeks…

What to do next?

Here are 5 strategies to put in place to get the most out of your workshop and to have the best R.O.I. possible:

1) Take notes so you can integrate all that you are learning and apply it later on.  Become an amazing and efficient notes ‘taker! 

2) Be ready to succeed. Have a clear vision and be clear on your WHY. Know “WHY” you are doing it.  Learn how to be conscious of your doings and make sure you are not sabotaging yourself.

3) Focus on what is most important.  Make it a priority in your daily life by dedicating time to apply what you have learned.

4) Understand that you will have resistance to change. Learn how to handle the resistance and work with your subconscious to learn how to face the fears of change.

5) You have learned how to put in place new tools, new strategies.  Now it is time to practice every day and commit to apply these.

Now the real question is: Are you willing to do whatever it takes?



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