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14 Tips to Bring Magic in Your Marriage Right Now!


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Marriage is the longest journey in a person’s life: however, if one spouse goes one way and another goes the other way, it creates conflict and starts the two down separate paths. Being married is having an equal partnership and it is important to make all significant decisions in life together while making sure you are both happy and on the same page.  To feel connected to each other and have a thriving marriage, you need to find ways to keep your relationship magical.

With that being said; here are 14 things you can

do right now to feel the MAGIC… 

  • Have a date night at least twice a month: take turn planning it so the other one can enjoy the surprise. No expectations, just the commitment to enjoy no matter what-and no talking about work!
  • For her: surprise her with flowers just because. It feels better to fix supper with flowers on the counter…
    For him: buy him tickets to his favorite baseball game (or whatever it might be) and join him on the adventure even if it is not your cup of tea.
  • Write a love note…and put it in his/her car/or briefcase/or lunch bag…(you get the idea)
  • Sit together on the same booth in a restaurant and leave your phones in the car.
  • Sit on the back patio and enjoy the moment as the sun goes down. Or in the morning, as the nature wakes up and you observe the birds…while enjoying your coffee together.
  • Pick a new place to have dinner: new restaurant, new adventure. And get something different from the menu…take a chance!
    No matter how old you get, never stop holding hands, never stop dancing, and never stop saying I Love You
  • Kiss your honey in the morning and at night… and randomly, give 3 kisses in a row, just because, whenever you feel like it…let the last kiss linger a little longer…
  • Make each other laugh, laugh big and loud. Anything you can share, even the funny dog video you saw on Facebook…laugh together!
  • Go and get that ice-cream, enjoy the ride, enjoy the night and enjoy these simple life pleasures
  • Go on getaway weekends. it does not need to be expensive or far… just being together outside of the daily routine can do wonders for your marriage.
  • Spend less time staring at screens and more time in nature getting a bit of fresh air and sunlight: go walk the dogs together!                                                                                                                        love is spending the rest of your life with someone who make you nuts and you just want to kill them but you don't... because you can't imagine life without them!
  • If finances allow it, get a maid! Trust me on that one….no bitching from her “I have to do everything”, no escaping from him “I had to do something else, sorry I could not vacuum honey” and more quality time for the both of them!
  • Give thanks together and express gratitude for each other and for the life you share together.
  • Because we just could not have 13 steps: Take a shower together once a while, don’t focus on your body “faults”, (you might kill the mood) and enjoy each other.

Pick at least 5 of every month and enjoy the magic

it will bring into your relationship.

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