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Do You Know What is Your Level of Respect?


I am inviting you to take this test to discover your percentage of respect.   After taking this test, you will better understand how you handle respect as a value in your life. This test will reveal to you how much respect you have towards yourself, (yes often, we are not even conscious that we are not respecting oneself), as well as how much respect you are giving and receiving from others. The universal law of the triangle tells us that we have the same attitude with others that we have with ourselves and that they have with us. This universal law – as all universal laws are – is true for everyone no matter what the circumstances are.


Read the statement and think carefully about your answer. The statements are about your attitude towards yourself and others’ attitude towards yourself. Pick a number between 0 to 10, with 0 meaning “never” and 10 meaning “always”. Your number needs to reflect the best how you feel in that particular instance.

  • I say yes even if I don’t feel like it because I am afraid to be judged or I want to please someone_____
  • I don’t speak freely about what it is that I really want, or I speak using metaphors hoping that someone will understand and will guess what I want_____
  • I genuinely want to help others even if I was not asked or solicited for help_____
  • I use several techniques to convince or change someone opinions when I don’t agree with them_____
  • I rebel against rules that I don’t agree with_____
  • Others impose their ideas and preferences in my life_____
  • When I feel like I want to buy something that would make me very happy, I find different reasons why not to buy it or I buy something not as good_____
  • I only allow myself
    to rest when everything is in perfect order_____13245381_10154346959169750_1597140948527728146_n
  • I am inclined to criticize very quickly when I do not agree with something or someone_____
  • I neglect my health and don’t pay attention to the needs of my body_____

Your Total:_____

Your total is your percentage of lack of respect in your life towards yourself. It also shows your level of respect towards others and how much respect you get from others.  Mind blowing right? Are you surprised with your results?  I was with mine…..:)

At this point it is important to be aware of every time you feel like you are not being respected. Know that in that moment, others are judging you for the lack of respect that you are feeling yourself. It sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. You need to understand what you are judging them to “BE”.

-For example, if someone is not minding their own business and trying to change you, maybe you judge this person to be disrespectful, or maybe you think that person is too proud or conceited. When in fact, this shows you that you suffer from this lack of respect.

So what is exactly to “respect oneself”?

-It is the ability to be our own self, to know our true needs and to stay true to our needs and values even if someone else does not agree with us.


-It is respecting our own space and make sure our space is also respected by others.

-It is telling the truth instead of entertaining half-truth to please others.

It is impossible to love oneself completely if we don’t have respect for ourselves. This statement is true for your behavior with others: when you don’t show them respect, you are focusing on your feelings and emotions instead of accepting that they might have different needs and point of view than you do.


In conclusion, I suggest that you ask two people from your inner circle to take the test for you, answering what they think you should have answered.  The answers might be different from yours. Instead of deciding that these two people don’t know you at all, and getting angry at their answers, push your ego to the side and listen to their opinion as this will be an opportunity to learn more about yourself and grow from the experience.

Here’s to your success and finding respect for yourself and others!



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