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Be as Authentic as You Can Possibly Be…


Being purely yourself is being the naked truth of who you really are

I declare June 2016 the month of Authenticity.  I challenge you to make choices based on who you really are rather than who you think you should be.  The clothes that you wear, the makeup you put on to present yourself because you want to be seen a certain way, you want to be liked.  It is time to be comfortable with your shadow and stop trying to be perfect for other people.  I know that it is difficult sometimes as in order to present yourself to other people in a way you want to be liked, there are parts of you that you are burying and hiding because you try to do what everyone expects of you but you need to stop hiding these parts and embrace every feature of yourself.

When you make a conscious choice to be authentic, you will have an opportunity to be more true to yourself in your relationships, with your partner, your friends, your family, and your circumstances. When you are pretending to be someone or something different from who you are, because you want to appear perfect, it is because you are afraid of rejection. Your shadow side has a name: “Rejection”.

As long as you are hiding and not living your life as a full expression of who you really are, you are going to live life feeling incomplete, feeling like a fraud, and unfulfilled.

When you express self-love you can truly be the person you are meant to be and you will manifest your hearts desires. You will become what you are born to do and be in this world.   You will then be, have and do anything you want in the world, because you will be coming from a place of authenticity.

Time to let go of all the facades and of anything you are hiding from yourself. Take the road less 12107808_1152294831451992_5682769962283477759_ntraveled and make decisions based on your uniqueness and on what it is really going on inside of you.  Make decisions that truly celebrate your uniqueness, that reflects your deepest desires.  Take that path, no matter what you feel people are going to think about you…

Be authentic, be yourself, let go of any fears and pretenses because you want other people to like you or you are afraid to be rejected.  The truth is the truer you are to yourself, the more you are comfortable expressing your true self and the more it will come back to you. When you give 100% of who you are, the universe reflects that back to you.  When you hide yourself and you pretend, the universe will reflect to you only mediocrity and you will not get the results you want.

When you love all of yourself, even the shadow part of yourself, you then attract abundance, prosperity, love…and you will be liberating yourself to live the life you were meant to live.  You will have a deep sense of healing through the energy of unconditional love.


So, tell me, what do you really want this month? Truly from the deepest part of you, the part that is even afraid to ask?  Be authentic and watch how you will start manifesting more and more all your heart desires.

xo, Carine

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