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Making it Happen…

Today I read a post about how sometimes you push so hard to make something happen that you are blocking the outcome.  This got me thinking and revisiting how hard I have been working lately and pushing myself to figure things out and what I call “Make it happen”.  I work really hard, push myself and have a hard time finding balance between taking action and letting the Universe lead the way.  Once in a while I surrender and let go, trusting that I will “Make it happen”, but then soon enough I fall back into the feeling that I am not doing enough and I go back into pushing myself even harder.  I know that it is all about “doing” and “being” and finding the right balance. However, knowing is one thing, applying it is another.

Deep in my heart I know that when I take actions aligned with the Universe, things are happening for me and not against me.  Then ideas come naturally and easily, the various steps I take feel right, and I make a lot of progress very quickly and with little effort.  When I approach everything from that place of being, I don’t feel like I have to take control of everything and I feel empowered and energized by the steps I am taking and by my actions.

However, I have noticed that when I am constantly “doing” and pushing hard, things don’t unfold that nicely!  I then feel frustrated and overwhelmed, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what actions to take next and more than anything else- I feel like I have to even when I don’t want to.  And because of being overwhelmed and feeling like it’s a chore more than a want, I begin to procrastinate! I do realize that when I am pushing myself too hard to Make it happen, I am working against myself and this does not serve me in the long run… Has anything like this happened to you?



Being a coach and having learned about so many tools, I know that when I am shifting my mindset and my actions to serve my highest and greatest good, I am able to surrender and I then start manifesting.  When I am in that surrendering reality, I ask myself “what is the one action I can take right now that is aligned with my purpose in life”?

So, love, it is time you learn to align yourself with the Universe and stop stressing yourself out, that way you can begin living your best life and manifesting everything and anything that you want!  To your success!

xo, Carine

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