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I Saw God at Work Today….

On a particular day a few weeks ago, I clearly saw God at work. Let me explain…pastel kids

I signed up to be a volunteer at Center of Hope in my community. I learned about the center a few weeks ago and after spending a few hours with them learning about their vision and mission, I had this still little voice inside of me nagging: “you have to work here!” It was a total no brainer. “Offer your services as a life coach and serve this community”. I set up an appointment and could not wait to get to my scheduled interview.

Within minutes into talking with the director, it was clear that I was a perfect fit for the center. The director asked me if I could stay and go shadow the advisors to fully understand the process before starting as a life coach. And guess what? My entire schedule was open that day. For those who know me, that never happens…. First miracle!

As I shadowed the first session and listen to the family’s needs, I realized that I had exactly what they were asking for that day; an AC unit for their home to install in the window! What are the odds that the day before I got back an AC unit that I had lent to another family a while ago? Second miracle! The AC unit was delivered the next day.

By this point, my energy is really high and contagious, I felt deep joy inside and a sense of “I am so supposed to be here and make a difference in other’s people lives”. You know the saying “I was at the right place at the right time?”

As I shadowed the next advisor to see his techniques, God sent us the perfect couple that again I was in a position to help. Unbelievable! They were starting in their business and needed some guidelines and some tips as well as some contacts to launch. They happened to start the same business that I owned for years and have put for sale as I write this. Talk about comfort zone! I knew exactly what they were talking about and fit right in. When they left, I could sense their reliefs, their hopes, like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It was magic. Third miracle! We had a follow up meeting the next day to help them with their launch process.

And do you think God stopped there? NO. As I am writing this, I got an email from a prospective client that need my services. And as the business is for sale, I now have the option to give the job to this couple. Fourth miracle.

god s miracle
This has truly been an incredible day! When you work with God on your side, you let Him be the pilot, you no longer need to search outside yourself for the things that you need. You are able to find peace from within, love everywhere you go and have fulfillment in all that you do. And this day was a perfect example of God’s

Expect Miracles!

xo, Carine

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