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Overcoming Procrastination

The dictionary definition of Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task which needs to be accomplished. Simply put, it is what we are all so guilty of doing.  Procrastination is when you have a good intention to do something but then for some reason, you don’t do anything about it. You have these awesome ideas that could bring such amazing things in your life, but then you don’t act on it and you just continue to find excuses of why you aren’t doing it and why it can wait.

When you deal with procrastination it is because you wrestle with some low-level energy issues in your own brain. You are dealing with your own belief system, and most of these beliefs are beliefs that we were taught as kids and we’ve just decided to accept for some reason.don't struggle with your vision

Beliefs such as “I am not good enough”, “who am I to make this happen”, “no one is going to care”, and so many more that we are all so familiar with. Most likely, the reason we procrastinate is because we have fear of failure or fear of success and you don’t know if what you are going to create is any good at all and then fears kick in, and then the excuses, and that there is procrastination.

You feel like the project you want to jump on to is too big, too scary, too crazy, and you begin to get overwhelmed and think you have to do everything all at once and it’s too much to handle but really the key is to take baby steps towards your goal. You need to teach yourself how to let go of these “too bigs” and “too scary” and “too crazy” and take action on your goal.

Sometimes when you begin to take those steps towards your goal, you think that you need everything to line up perfectly before you can take action. But in reality, life does not work like that, not everything has to be done at the exact same time. You need to learn to trust that everything will be okay and approach the situation from a place of faith. Faith being that you have to trust in the not yet seen, which can be scary sometimes but it can bring so much good into your life.

When you come from an approach of inspiration and faith, you take one step to the next and inspiration keeps guiding you and next thing you know it is finished. You don’t look at the final picture, and stress over it (if I write this book I will have thousands of dollars in the bank) but you open yourself to the guidance you are getting from one inspiration to the next one and let that keep you in the present moment and keeping you going.

Speaking of this amazing thing that we tap into sometimes that keeps us going, inspiration most often comes as a gift and as a surprise. It comes from somewhere outside of you and makes you feel the juice of life and like nothing can stop you and nothing can get in your way.  Inspiration is how you’re just doing your daily activities and out of nowhere you get an idea.  It is important to receive the idea and then act on the idea. If you approach life from the fire of life that is within you, procrastination is not an issue anymore.  There is no issue of delaying the action and no issue of self-deceit.  Inspiration ignites your enthusiasm and your passion.  When you are following your inspiration, you are driven and have an attitude of being on a mission.
see the path before youWhen you trust your inspiration, it is like following a trail of bread crumbs.  You don’t exactly know where you are going, or what it is going to end up like, but you have faith that there is a meaning to it and that it will lead to something and you follow anyway, no matter what.

So next time inspiration comes knocking at your door, treat it as a gift. Accept the gift and go with it, one step at a time. Find the determination that lies within you, because you have the tools in your life’s toolbox.

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